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Laptop Lockers offered in a 10- or 15 compartment system and are equipped with electrical receptacles for recharging mobile products.  Units are modular and can be mounted side by side for large scale implementations.

Locking Systems

  • Key Locking Systems: LTS-10,  LTS-15
  • Electronic Locking Systems: CLER-10, CLER-15,  MCLER-10, MCLER-15

Unwavering commitment to laptop storage in K-12, Higher-Ed, state and local government, and corporate facilities.

  Overall Size Compartment Size
Model W D H W D H
LTS-10,  CLER-10,
18" 17" 72" 12-1/4" 16" 5-1/2"
LTS-15,  CLER-15,
18" 17" 72" 12-1/4" 18" 3-7/8"

Materials: Completely factory assembled by welding body to door frame assembly.

  • Locker Body: Fabricated from cold rolled, electro-zinc coated steel sheet.
  • Doors: Formed from textured steel, reinforce self-closing and equipped with stainless steel pivot or piano type hinge.
  • Door handle Closure and Lock Assembly: ASTM A167 Type 304 commercial grade, stainless steel.
  • Compartments: Each compartment equipped with electrical receptacle for recharging batteries of stored computers and other electronic items. Provide LED red light indicating system is powered.
  • Electrical: Storage unit provided with 6' electrical cord and 3 prong plug at rear, 15 amp circuit breakers and 14 gauge wiring to compartments
  • Mounting Hardware: Provide fasteners, brackets and other hardware of type and size recommended by manufacturer for substrate.

Key Locking System: (LTS-10, LTS-15)

  • Locks: Security type, single key activation. Security keys are among 16 million distinct combinations
  • Compartment Locks: Each compartment keyed separately with keys assigned to individual users.
  • Management Control Lock: Each vertical multi-compartment door frame opens with management key to allow access to all compartments for inspection and control.

Electronic Access System (CLER-10, CLER-15)

  • Access Control and Locking System: Electronic lock activated from keypad by entering personal identification code number.
  • Codes: 7 digits.
  • Compartments: Each compartment access by programmed code number. System can be programmed for multiple codes per compartment.
  • Management code: Allows immediate access to all compartments.
         Provide mechanical override in event of power failure.
        - System to provide computerized audit trail of usage and accessed.

Delivery: Specify date desired. FOB tailgate delivered at job site fully assembled. Standard Lead time 4 Weeks -  For large orders please call corporate for lead time.

Cleaning: Wash exposed surface using a solution of mild detergent in warm water, applied with soft, clean cloths. Do not use abrasives.

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Standard Colors:
Platinum Silver/ Slate

LTS Key Code

LTS= Keyed Operation

Electronic Operation



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